Over the years many volunteers have freely given their time to the 10th Warrington and provided scouting activities for young people. Here are some that we know of from our records. If you can fill in any of the gaps please feel free to get in touch.

Group Scout Leaders/Leaders-in-charge

1927-(1928) Rev J R Jones, Scout Master
(prior to 1978) John Hughes
1980/81 Arthur Dorning
Dec 1985 – May 1990 Arthur Dorning
Sep 1988 – July 1991 Geoffrey Alfred Lewis
May 1990 – April 1994 David Locker
Nov 1993 Mar 1996 Alan George Spencer
Aaron Ashbrook
John Davies
Oct 2003 – Jan 2008 Edward Ian Houghton, group contact
?-2009 Steve Pennington, Leader-in-charge
2009 – Ian Skilling


Assistant GSL

1980/81 John Hughes
2021- Andy Bent


Beaver Leaders

Steve Pennington BSL
-2008 Margaret Ginger ABSL
Andy Bent ABSL
Charlotte Moffatt ABSL
Niall Kelly ABSL
-2019 Rachel Hampson ABSL
Mikki Wotham
2001 Cheryl Flannigan BSSA


Cub Leaders

(1994) – 2012 Paul Watson CSL
2012 – Mike Fox CSL
Hannah McDonnell ACSL
-2018 Niall Kelly CSL
-2018 Carol Derbyshire CSSA
2019- Rachel Hampson CSL
2019- Chris Cox ACSL
2019- Annabel Cordon ACSL
2021- Hazel Cox CSSA


Scout Leaders

1927 – (1928) Rev J R Jones SM
1927 – (1928) ASM
1928- ASM
(1978) Arthur Dorning
(1988) Phil Brookfield SL
(1994) Brenda Shaw SL
(1995) Aaron Ashbrook SL
2011-2014 Barry Gettins SL
Samantha Cook ASL
Andrew Bent ASL
Andrew Ninnis ASL
Averil Skilling ASL
Carl Hampson SSA
Ian Gornall SL – also SL at 30th Warrington (Penketh Methodist)
Gill Gornall ASL
Jen Booth SL
Karin Snape ASL


Sea Scout Leaders

-1986 Tony Evans ASSL
John Davies SL


Venture Scout Leaders

-1988 Chris Nicholl VSL
-1988 Ronnie Taylor AVSL
Feb 2002 – Oct 004 David Nicholl VSL
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls