We have a vibrant, active, and committed leadership team at the 10th Warrington Scouts.  We are all dedicated to providing the children with the absolute best possible experience, with lots of fun, and done in a safe and supportive way.

Our combined Scouting experience within the leadership team is over 100 years!  With a mix of very experienced, new, young, and old (sorry guys!) leaders.  All of whom work together as one wider leadership team.

Our current leadership team is:

Role Name Email
Group Scout Leader Ian Skilling ian@10thwarringtonscouts.org.uk
Squirrel Scout Leader Bernie Simcock bernie@10thwarringtonscouts.org.uk
Squirrel Scout Leader Toni McFadden toni@10thwarringtonscouts.org.uk
Squirrel Scout Leader Eileen Owen
Beaver Scout Leader Helena Pennington helena@10thwarringtonscouts.org.uk
Beaver Scout Leader Mikki Wotham mikki@10thwarringtonscouts.org.uk
Beaver Scout Leader Kerry Ritchie
Cub Scout Leader Paul McFadden paul@10thwarringtonscouts.org.uk
Cub Scout Leader Neil Wilcox neil@10thwarringtonscouts.org.uk
Cub Scout Leader Steph Hutchinson steph@10thwarringtonscouts.org.uk
Cub Scout Leader Claire MacDonald-Clarke claire@10thwarringtonscouts.org.uk
Cub Scout Leader Django Flint
Scout Leader Jen Booth jen@10thwarringtonscouts.org.uk
Scout Leader Kieran Whitehurst
Scout Leader Ben Lucas


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls